It’s quite an intricate technique that I use with that; it’s a fairly painty technique that I use with that; I draw it, then I’ll use liquid acrylics on the background, which gives a kind of unity for your colour theme that you’re going to work to.
Then I’ll work with gouache, then I’ll work with coloured crayons to give gradations to the end of leaves.

I’d give all the background a base colour. The sky, I’d go right across, the trees, everything; in fact, I’d go right across the whole sheet. In fact, Elmer would not be painted; he’d stay so as the colours and the white would remain pure. And finally, after the crayon, I’d use a pencil to emphasise the line. So it’s not really like line and wash, it’s all the painting and then the line, in a way, it goes to and fro.

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